Footwork for Harai Goshi - O Soto Gari combination:

1. Start in normal stance. Note that the dots represent the centers of gravity.

2. Tori pulls Uke's center of gravity foward and moves right foot out of the way.

Not too close to Uke! Keep your hip back and your weight on the left foot.

3. Tori moves left foot deep between Uke's feet and perfectly centered, but Uke has recovered their balance and is resisting backwards.

4. Tori tries to sweep, but the balance is wrong. Tori needs to change direction to use Uke's resistance.

5. Tori takes a big hop with the left leg to land with the left foot outside Uke's right. The right leg is still raised and ready to sweep.

6. Tori executes O Soto Gari. Uke is thrown .