Footwork for Seoe Nage:

1. Start in normal stance. Note that the dots represent the centers of gravity. Tori holds Uke's lapel at half height to provide enough slack in the gi to maneuver.

2. Tori pulls Uke's center of gravity forward and moves right foot out of the way. The left hand rotates the palm to the outside, little finger up, to keep the left elbow high and lock Uke's knees.

Not too close to Uke! Keep your hip back and your weight on the left foot. Bend the knees now!

3. Tori moves left foot just inside Uke's left foot and deep. Tori's knees are bent and the back is straight. For Ippon Seoe Nage, release the right hand and swing the arm in an arc under Uke's right armpit. Keep the shoulder high to avoid being choked. For Morote Seoe Nage, keep the grip on the lapel and swing the right elbow in the same arc.

4. Tori brings the right foot back to form a V with the supporting feet. The heels are almost touching and the toes are wide for balance. Tori's hands and elbow remain at shoulder height, as though Tori were reading a wristwatch.

5. Tori pulls forward and drives from the balls of the feet. Uke is thrown.