Past Tournament Results

UT Tournament, Knoxville, November 21, 2015

Leigh Quang - 1st place Men's Novice 145

Jack Price – did not place Men's Novice 161

Guthrie Ensor – did not place Men's Novice 178

Kengy Moua – did not place Men's Novice 198

David Lindley – did not place Men's Novice 220

David Lindley – 4th place Men's Masters Novice Medium

Isaac Glenn– 2nd place Men's Masters Advanced Light

Isaac Glenn– 1st place Men's Advanced Exhibition

Brian Mathis – 2nd place Men's Masters Advanced Super Heavy

Brian Mathis – 2nd place Men's Advanced 250

Rebel Judo Invitational, Owenton, March 15, 2014

Jeremy in masters- 1 win, 1 loss, took silver in seniors- 2 losses, didn't place.

Dini- three wins by ippon throw, took gold (and actually threw a girl out of the division!) 

Nathan- 1 loss, injured knee and had to withdraw from competition.

(Nathan was a couple of pounds overweight and worked really hard for an hour to finally make weight,

but when they did the brackets he got bumped up to the 220+ novice division anyway.) 

Kaity was also with the team but did not compete.

UT Tournament, November 17, 2012


The winners are:

Keith Ladd

Kaity Robins

Joe Gao

Jeremy High

Isaac Glenn

Josh Norman

Thomas Gambrel

Shaun Mayo

Robert Sopha
Max Norman

Waynesville tournament, October 6, 2012


JCJC fielded a team of 10 competitors and brought home the team trophy.  What a team!


We won 11 of our 30 matches, took 2 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze.


Obviously, some had better results than others, but I would like to recognize them all equally because everyone played their part.


The winners are:


Erick Jordan

Bobby Hodge

Jeremy High

Keith Ladd
Shaun Mayo

Kaity Robins

Stan Wallen

Joe Gao

Pei Ruhang

Josh Norman

Winston-Salem Tournament , Aug 25, 2012


A great tournament, and good results.


Keith Ladd came away with a gold in heavyweight, and a gold in his Masters division.


Stan Wallen took gold in his masters division.


Jeremy High fought in two divisions and took gold in the Masters


Thomas Gambrell and Josh Norman did not place, but both drew black belts and brown belts in the draw: a valiant effort.


Brian Mathis (Hybrid, Roanoke) took silver


Erick Jordan (Sensei at Ichiban, Ashville) took gold in 90kg.

Georgia Games, Atlanta June 16, 2012
Stan Wallen (Heavy, novice) unplaced (won one match, lost two)
Brad Kroeger (Lthvy, novice) Bronze (won two, lost one)

Tennessee State Judo Championships Nashville February 11, 2012

Jeremy Gonzales - Senior U160, unplaced

Pei Ruhang - Senior U160, unplaced

Jeremy High - Masters heavy, unplaced, Senior heavy, unplaced (one win)

Keith Ladd - Masters heavy, Silver (two wins)

Erick Jordan (Ichiban) - Masters U219; Gold, (3wins), Senior U219, Gold, (3 wins)

Yellowhill January 21, 2012

Jeremy High won a silver in the Masters division and a bronze in the senior division

Knoxville November 12, 2011

Kaitie Robins - Novice heavy - Gold

Won 2/2 matches, both ippon

Joe Gao - Novice <161- Bronze

Won 4/5 matches, all ippons

Shaun Mayo - Novice <198 – Bronze

Won 2/4 matches

Bobby Hodge - 2 divisions M<198, <178

Won 3/7 matches

Matt Moore - Novice <145 - Silver

Won 1 /2 matches

Jeremy High - Masters heavy, >220 – Bronze

Won 2/6 matches

Waynesville Judo Tournament Results, Sunday October 2nd


In attendance:

Keith Ladd, Shaun Mayo, Jeremy High (competing)

Katie Robins, Rhondeen Smith, Pei Ruhang (support)

Our extended family from Ichiban, Erick Jordan& Ginni Jordan (competing)

Our extended family from King, Patrick Spano & Brandon Tressler(competing)


Keith Ladd: Masters heavyweight, 3 wins, Gold

Jeremy High: Masters heavyweight, 1 win, Bronze

Senior heavyweight, 1 win, unplaced

Shaun Mayo: Senior middleweight, unplaced

Erick Jordan: Masters Lightheavyweight, 1 win, Bronze

Senior  Lightheavyweight, 1 win, unplaced

Ginni Jordan: Senior Lightweight, 2 wins, unplaced

Patrick Spano: Senior, two divisions, 4 wins?, Silver, Gold

Brandon Tressler: Senior, unplaced

20 August, 2011 Winston-Salem

Jeremy High, Keith Ladd, Shaun Mayo, and Erick Jordan competed and Joanne was there for support.

Erick Jordan now represents his own club (Ichiban) but will always be a part of Johnson City Judo.

Jeremy High Masters 100kg+ Gold

Mens 100kg+

Grand Open

6 matches, 3 wins

Keith Ladd Masters U100kg Gold

Mens U100kg Silver

9 matches, 7 wins

Shaun Mayo Mens U81kg

3 matches, 1 win

Erick Jordan Mens U90kg Silver

Grand Open Silver

9 matches, 6 wins

All wins were by full ippon (no decisions) and included scores from

all 4 elements of judo (nage waza, osae waza, shime waza, and kansetsu waza).

The guys all looked awesome.

March 12, 2011 Tennessee State Championship

Shaun Mayo, U178 won one match

Jeremy High, 220+ and Masters 220+, won two matches
Keith Ladd, 220+ Masters (40-50), won two matches to take Gold

Erick Jordan, U220 won three matches to take Gold; Masters U220 won two matches to take Gold


Nov 20, 2010 UT Tournament

Bobby Hodge - Silver, 2 divisions, 3 wins (one against a black belt)
Keith Ladd  - Gold, Won two matches (one against brown belt)       
Greg Gordon - Gold, Silver, 6 wins ? (one against green belt)
Shawn Mayo - Bronze, 2 wins
Thomas Gambrel ?
Ginni Jordan - Silver, 1 win
Jim Heaton - Gold, 5 wins

Oct 2, 2010 Waynesville  Tournament

A spectacular day for Johnson City Judo Club and Ichiban Judo.  

I must note that we did well in one of the deepest fields I have seen in a regional tournament

 Erick Jordan, -90kg - Gold

Erick Jordan, OPEN -  Silver

Keith Ladd, Masters  - Silver

Laszlo Belicza, Masters – Bronze

Keith had an astounding run with ippons against two tough black belts, one with tani otoshi, and the other with an arm bar.

Laszlo also won two matches with an arm bar and an ippon throw.

Erick began with an ippon against this years World Masters (M1, Montreal) silver medalist, Vincent Bartee.  The field was so strong that Vincent was unable to come through the elimination bracket to place.  Erick took Gold by beating three more black belts with arm bars and strangles.  He then entered the single elimination open weight Grand Champion division and beat two more opponents before losing in the final to Mark Derouvel.



Aug 7, 2010 Nito Tournament

Jeremy High - Heavyweight -Silver

Jeremy High - Masters -Silver


Feb 20, 2010 Tennesse Championships

Erick Jordan Senior Mens - Gold

Erick Jordan Masters - Gold

Ginni Jordan Senior Womens - Gold


Jan 16, 2010 Yellowhill Tournament

Erick Jordan - Silver

Marc Crawley - Bronze

Will Miller -Silver

Laszlo Belicza  -Silver  


Nov 14, 2009 UT Tournament

Over 30's divisions

Erick Jordan Middleweight - Gold

Keith Ladd Heavyweight - Gold

Jeremy High Heavyweight -Silver

Laszlo Belicza  Heavyweight 40+  -Silver

Senior divisions

Erick Jordan Open Middleweight - Bronze

Jeremy High  Open Heavyweight

Ginni Herron Middleweight-Silver

Marc Crawley Novice Lightweight -Silver

BJ Goliday Open Middleweight

Michael Leaver Novice Middleweight - Gold

Chris Amick Open Middleweight

Stephanie Amick Novice Middleweight - Gold


Oct 4 , 2009 Waynesville

Bobby Hodge - 4 wins - Bronze

Ginni Herron, - 3 wins - Silver

Lazlo Belicza- 2 wins - Bronze

Michael Leaver - 1 win

Marc Crawley


Feb 7, 2009 Tennessee State Championships

Erick Jordan, Light Heavy Weight Gold, Masters Heavy Weight Gold
Jeremy High, Masters Heavy Weight Silver
Ginni Herron, Middleweight Silver
Chris Amick Heavyweight Silver
Stephanie Amick Heavyweight Bronze

Nov 22 , 2008 Knoxville

Erick Jordan, Middleweight Masters - Gold, Seniors - Silver

Bobby Hodges, Masters Silver, Light Middle Weight Greenbelt , Gold 

Jason Fahnle,   Masters LightHeavyweight,  Silver 

Jeremy High, Masters Silver,  Heavyweight Bronze
Michael Leaver, Middleweight Greenbelt Bronze

Skip Campbell, Heavyweight Greenbelt (one win)

Chris Amick, LightHeavyweight (one win)

Stephanie Amick, Heavyweight

BJ Goliday, Middleweight

Oct 4 , 2008 Waynesville

Erick Jordan, Masters - Silver, Seniors - Bronze

Chris Amick, Seniors - Bronze, Grand Championship - GOLD!!

Stephanie Amick, Seniors - Silver

Ginni Herron, Seniors - Bronze


August 23, 2008 Winston Salem

Jason Fahnle, 2 wins, 3rd place

Bobby Hodges, 2 wins


February 16, 2008 Tennessee State Championship

Bobby Hodges, Light Middle Weight, Gold medal
Bobby Hodges
, Light Middle Weight (over 30), Silver medal
Jason Fahnle    Heavyweight,  Silver medal
Jeremy High     Heavyweight,  Bronze medal


December 1, 2007 Knoxville

Eddie Newton
Masters middle weight, Silver medal, 2 wins
Black Belt Middleweight division, unplaced

Jacob Zeiler
Novice Heavyweight division, Silver medal, 3 wins.

BJ Goliday
Novice Middleweight, unplaced, 2 wins

Michael Leaver
Novice Lightweight, unplaced

November 10, 2007 Charlotte

Michael Leaver, White-Green Belt Division, Bronze medal 

October 6, 2007 Waynesville Judo Tournament, 

Eddie Newton, Masters Middleweight:  Silver medal

Jacob Zeiler, Super Heavyweight Novice: Bronze medal

February 3, 2007 Tennessee State Championship

Jason Fahnle, Bronze Medal, Mens' Heavyweight Division

November 18, 2006 UT Judo Tournament

Jason Fahnle, 4 wins, placed second in a 9 man division
Skip Campbell, 3 wins, placed second in a 5 man division
John Burdette, 1 win, 16 man division
Dylan Bradford, 1 win, 11 man division.

January 21, 2006 Yellowhill

Ben England - unplaced

Jason Fahnle - unplaced

November 12, 2005 Charlotte

Keith Britt - 2nd place - Novice Middleweight

February 26, 2005 Tennessee State Championships

Andy Acuff - Silver Medal - Seniors Men's Lightweight

November 20, 2004 Knoxville

Andy Acuff - 1st - Senior Men's Novice Division 143-152

Skip Campbell - 5st - Senior Men's Novice Division 207-218

Oct 23, 2004 Cumberland College Classic

Seth Emerson - 4th - novice 220 division

June 5, 2004 Cherokeee Tournament

Jeremy High - 3rd - Men's Heavyweight

May 1, 2004 Waynesville Tournament

Andy Acuff - 2nd - men's lightweight

John Pearson - 3rd - men's middleweight

Feb 14, 2004 12th Annual Waka Mu Sha Judo Shiai, Atlanta, Georgia

John Pearson - unplaced

August 30 and 31 . 2003 Fall Classic National and Ladder tournament,   Indianapolis

Jim Heaton - unplaced (won 1)

August 23 . 2003 Nito Judo Cup,   Winston Salem, NC

Jim Heaton - 2nd - men's midweight

Jeremy High- 2nd - men's heavy weight

Debbie Underwood - 2nd - women's light weight

June 7, 2003 Cherokee Results

Steve Blankenship - 1st - Senior Green Belt division,  2 wins

Jim Heaton - 2nd - Black Belt division, 2 for 3

November 16th, Knoxville, TN  Results

Steve Blankenship - 3rd - Masters division

Steve Cardin - Referee certification


November 2nd, North Carolina State Championship,  Charlotte, NC Results

Steve Blankenship - 1st - Masters division

Steve Blankenship - 2nd - Seniors division


October 5th, Waynesville, NC Results

Jim Heaton - 2nd

Jeremy High - 2nd

Steve Blankenship - unplaced


Sept 1st, 2002 Fall Classic Nationals, Louisville, KY  Results

Jim Heaton - unplaced


April 12th, 2002 Nationals, Cleveland, Ohio Results

Jim Heaton won 1, lost 2 to 3rd and 5th place winners


June 1st, Yellowhill, NC Results

Jim Heaton - 2nd

Steve Blankenship - 3rd