Footwork for O Soto Gari:

1. Start in normal stance. Note that the dots represent the centers of gravity.

2. Tori slides left foot directly to Ueks's left and pulls Uke's center of gravity left. Note that Tori's center of gravity moves over Tori's left foot, hip forward, knee bent. Looking down, only Tori's knee, not foot, is visible. The arms pull to the side. Tori's right should contacts Uke's left shoulder and both of Tori's hands are above the shoulder and the elbows are shoulder height. DO NOT PUSH UKE! This would make Uke step back! Tori leans to the left but keeps the shoulders parallel to Uke's feet. It is like an airplane banking to the left.

3. Tori raises right foot to sweep. Note that Uke's left foot comes off the mat and both player's centers of gravity are directly over their supporting feet. Uke is now completely dependent on the leg Tori is about to sweep.

4. Tori sweeps with the right leg, coming forward to the ball of the left foot. Tori lowers the upper body as a counterbalance to the leg rising, adding force to the sweep. The torso and sweeping leg act as a single beam, rotating about the hip. Uke rotates around the same point and has no feet on the mat. Uke is thrown from hip height.